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Indie Hair - Retail


Forget mundane styling

The freedom to be different.
Mix products. Change up your look. Be you.
Color-safe. Gluten-free formulas. Paba-free formulas. UV absorbers. Gentle for all hair types.
Sulfate free and cruelty free


Each product is spiked with My Indie Complex (MIX)
A custom blend of ingredients designed to give blah hair strength, moisture, shine or whatever it needs to bounce back. Have a sneak peak at Indie's trailer to Own it. Build it. Keep it

Indie Hair Spray Superfirm 265mls From $15.95
Indie Polish Mixitsoft $36.95
Indie Dry Shampoo Comeclean 34ml From $15.95
Indie Shower Brush $27.90
Indie Liter Pumps $9.95
Indie Foam # Big Volume 200ml $28.95
IndieSea Salt Spray $36.95
Indie Powder Round 7G $29.95
Indie Putty Clay Wreckit 60g $28.95


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